Kwik lok products

Kwik lok products

Kwik Lok Corporation is the originator of the first all-plastic bag closure. Bag closing is our business, our only business. The company has grown from its small beginning to a multinational company with six world-wide production plants. We offer bag closures, bag closing equipment, labels and printing solutions for just about all bagged packages.

The benefit of the Kwik Lok Bag Closure is that it is quick and easy to apply. This feature yields dividends to the packager and the consumer. The packager benefits because the machinery required to apply the closure is mechanically simple – this means lower original costs, longer operating life, few crippled packages and lower maintenance costs. The benefit to the consumer is a closure that is easy to remove and just as easy to reuse and recycle. Consumers want reusable food packages. There are enough frustrations in life without struggling trying to open and/or reclose a food package.

Bakery/Deli: Food packaging is all about storing food at home and protecting the product’s freshness. The Kwik Lok closure is easy to remove and replace; that means the handy ‘clip’ will be used and reused to reclose bagged products until the food is consumed. That protects freshness – it is what Kwik Lok does best. We know you need a good bag closure and the means to close the bags. Kwik Lok offers a full line of semiautomatic bag closing equipment and print systems to mark price/date coding on your package. As a bonus we can also label your packages with a colorful label attached to the closure.

Produce:Today’s modern supermarket offers a dazzling array of delicious produce. The plastic bag has proven to be the best method of getting that produce from the store to the consumer’s kitchen. A closed bag prevents spillage (in the shopping cart and in the refrigerator) – the best way to close those bags is with a Kwik Lok! Snap off! Snap on! You can literally open or close a bag with a Kwik Lok with your eyes shut!


Bulk Food:Kwik Lok has two advantages in the bulk food section. Our closures give the consumer the means to close the bags … AND … the means to mark item numbers on a paper label attached to the closure. Everyone is a winner with Kwik Lok in the supermarket!